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Your Dream Kitchen Renovation

Your dream kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the most important and hard-working room in your home.

Taking layout into consideration

You have to design your kitchen with functionality in mind. Function and aesthetics are equally important. The kitchen is the most significant investment in your renovation and increases the value of your home. It is also the heart of your home, a place you spend most of your time. That is why the layout is of the utmost importance.

Your cooking and social habits is a direct response to the right layout of your kitchen. There has to be space for a few people in the kitchen, so take note of space in the layout. The workflow of a kitchen helps determine its functionality; the proximity and sequence of the work zones, to make cooking a delight.

Measuring up

It is one thing to dream of an L-shaped kitchen with an island but is something else to make it fit. If you can nail the work triangle between your sink, storage and stove that would be key in the renovation design, a well- planned triangle will result in an efficient workflow. You need functionality between these three areas. In the design phase, you have to account for adequate space around the work areas; for it to be comfortable and efficient.

The kitchen is the most important and hard-working room in your home.

measuring up kitchen

Everything in your kitchen needs a specific place; otherwise, it becomes a cluttered workspace. If you want a timeless kitchen, you should choose classic features and then add a twist later on. Sticking to one or two colours will make the kitchen feel cohesively clean.

Matching Materials

For material to stand the test of time, durability is essential. The material and finishes you choose will determine the longevity of the space. When you make a choice, it depends on your style, needs and budget. Kitchen renovation gets done to modernize an outdated kitchen and to improve functionality and convenience.

Kitchen materials offer you an opportunity to spice up your kitchen with cabinet styles and materials that come in many varieties to choose from. Mixing countertop materials is an attractive and affordable method when renovating.

A change in material can be valuable for an outdated kitchen.

kitchen matching materials

Plan for storage

Even a small kitchen can maximize its storage by using smarter storage solutions. Properly planned kitchen cabinet space helps store all your kitchen supplies leaving your outer kitchen space to be clutter-free. The kitchen accommodates the storage of food, herbs, crockery, cleaning products and cooking utensils. It is not about having more storage rather just efficient storage.

Not having adequate storage in your kitchen can cause a lot of frustration.

When you have a small kitchen every little bit of space counts, it takes a creative designer to establish an efficient storage space for your kitchen. When planning a kitchen renovation, you need to think about what kind of storage you will need and where to install it. Proper kitchen storage contributes to a kitchen design that increases the overall value of the renovation.

Light up

Task lighting helps illuminate a specific workspace, where ambient light softens the room by eliminating sharpness, but accent lighting highlights particular details. Decorative lighting is the focal lighting attraction, such as a chandelier. Lightning is often one of the last considerations in a kitchen renovation.

If you have a multi-purpose kitchen that is open plan, it is extra essential for the lightning to adapt to a wider variety of rooms. When designing lighting for cooking, it is vital to have adequate light and proper distribution of light for general illumination. Multiple sources are best, so the light is coming in from different directions. The quality of the light and bulbs will affect the atmosphere in the room.

light up kitchen


You can only adequately determine your layout once you choose your appliances. It may be more fun to plan the cabinet layout and countertops first, but try to select major appliances first and then build the plan around those dimensions. Time spent prioritising how you work and live in your kitchen during pre-construction will pay big dividends once your remodel is complete.

Your kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time. It needs to be durable, attractive and functional. If it is custom build to your needs, you will enjoy it for years to come. When planning your kitchen renovation, remember that spaces can be compartmentalised to accommodate appliances of all sizes.

It is worth turning your kitchen into space you’ll love.

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