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Renovation Secrets To Love Your Home Again

Renovation secrets to love your home again

Your home can grow tired over time. Although you do all the basics to keep it in shape, you still feel like something is missing. Before you put your home on the market, think about renovating it. Renovating can make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Why do we renovate?

To Create Space

Removing a wall or adding a deck can create an illusion of space and even better some actual extra space. Open plan renovations are a great way to create more living space within your home. It also creates light and gives your home a more modern feel. 

Also, the option of adding a second floor or extending your existing home can have a major impact on the available space and quality of living.

create living space

Functionality & Layout Changes

It will help your home have a more natural flow and help it to get used to its full potential.

If you live in the house, it means you often can’t conceptualise a different layout. If your current layout is wrong, the lack of functionality will over- shadow everything you do.


Some sections of the house should always be maintained as time passes. However, the value of a home can go up after the renovation or fixing it to its original state. While the clever modernising of the house without losing its character could add value both to lifestyle and personal wealth.


The looks of your house are what makes you excited to call it home. Great design is not solely reliant on how your home looks. A well- designed home flows more naturally. 

This flow comes from the physical location of walls and the location of the individual fixtures and fittings.




By becoming more environmentally friendly, you could save up to 30% of your electricity bill and at the same time, preserve the environment. Renovating your home is the perfect time to make it eco-friendly. By choosing to renovate, you have already made a green choice. Instead of building a new home from scratch, renovating allows you to reuse materials in your home that are already in place. Planning the renovating your home with sustainability in mind will contribute to a positive impact on the New Zealand energy consumption.

Declutter and Simplify

If you simplify your home, you simplify your whole life. Whether you tackle it as part of the downsizing or decluttering an entire house, it is a big job. By planning and executing this proses in stages will make the task less daunting, focus on one space or even one zone within a room, completing the task fully before moving on to the next area. By doing this, you will build confidence as you experience visible success at each step.

Health & safety

Not only is it worth considering how well your home is going to perform on completion of the renovation. The contribution to your family’s overall warmth, comfort and health should be a serious consideration. Poorly performing homes are less comfortable to live in, which leads to higher cost more to run. While over time, they contribute to increased spending in healthcare.

health safety

Staying Longer

If you renovate your home you would not feel the need to move and start over. Not only will you save many fees and taxes associated with a house move or a new build, but every dollar you spend will also add to the value of your house in the long term. Do you love your neighbourhood? Then renovating or extending your home is the ideal way to improve your lifestyle while allowing you to stay in your familiar surroundings.

7 Secrets for loving your home again:

1.Update your windows

Windows and doors play a major role in a successful renovation. It’s more than just getting rid of the ” old joinery”. 

New windows and doors will change the way light, sound, and fresh air move in and out of a home, completely reshaping the feel and smell of the place and how people move through it.

2. New flooring

Porcelain, glazed ceramic tiles and stone-based waterproof laminate products are the most durable flooring options, and they require very little maintenance. Solid timber overlays are arguably the best looking flooring type out there. Engineered timber overlays essentially is a low-cost alternative to hardwood. Carpets are an attractive option as it comes in so many colours and styles. Vinyl and linoleum, although not very popular, are highly durable and moisture-resistant and come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

New flooring

3. Remodelling your kitchen

There are many New Zealanders who feel a kitchen renovation is a high priority. Investing in the remodelling of your kitchen is a great way to improve the functionality of your living space. 

Also, to increase the value of your home and improve the aesthetic appeal.

Remodelling your kitchen

4. Bathroom addition

Bathrooms are one of the best places to start if you’re looking to add style and value to your home. A bathroom renovation can increase space and update the look of your bathroom. It can add functionality and improve energy efficiency. Last but not least, it can make the bathroom safer.

Bathroom addition

5. Reinventing a room

A well-designed home “flows”, and flow comes from the physical location of walls and the location of the individual fixtures, fittings and furniture within each space. Remodelling can be an excellent option for room-specific changes, like changing the layout of your kitchen or bathroom.

6. Adding a Deck or Veranda

A deck or veranda is an ideal outdoor space for entertaining guests and creates extra space at a house. A good quality deck or porch increases the value of your home. A deck or veranda addition can be built quite quickly and can create aesthetic appeal.

Adding deck veranda

7. Energy Efficiency

Government research shows that making energy-saving improvements to your property can increase its value by more than 10 per cent. Energy-efficient lighting (LED Lights) is an essential consideration for any renovation. Smart lighting design will make your renovation contemporary and stylish while saving you money on your ongoing energy bills. The various options of double glazing can reduce heat losses through windows in the winter while keeping the house cool in the summer. The upgrade or installation of insulation will make a considerable contribution to the comfort of your home. When planning your renovation, divide your home into different zones. Zoning will help you to efficiently heat and cool the different zones individually with one of the many available ventilation and heating systems.

Energy efficiency

Planning a major home renovation can be very overwhelming and finding the right information can be difficult. To help you we have developed a free guide that is beneficial for anyone who is in the planning stage of a major renovation. I know you will enjoy it. It is packed with super-practical information covering 7 of the biggest mistakes made when planning a major home renovation.

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