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Simon and Geraldine have been living at this address for many years. They love the neighbourhood. As a family, they have settled down here and have many fond memories. The quiet location is close to a beautiful beach, and easy to get to all the other significant Auckland locations.

Renovating, extending and changing the interior layout of this 100-year-old villa was a privilege. 

Changes were made to the interior layout. The bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom was divided, providing an opportunity to create both an ensuite for the master bedroom and a bathroom for the family and guests. While the big existing bathroom was turned into a bedroom.

The big drive for the renovation was the microclimate of the house, being very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. While areas of the house did not suit the owner’s needs and were consequently being underutilised.

This renovation turned a 1970’s two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom family home. An open plan living area was created by removing a bedroom wall. Turning a bedroom into a lounge area which joins onto the dining and kitchen with indoor- outdoor flow onto the deck. The existing lounge and bathroom floor area was remodelled, allowing for a new master bedroom, a third small bedroom and a new modern bathroom.

In this project, we added a bathroom and laundry, enlarged the bedroom and living area, converted the existing bathroom into a study room with a cupboard for additional storage space.

Our client required us to build a studio on top of his garage for his daughter who was attending university.

We made a beautiful studio consisting of a large living area and a mezzanine floor hosting the bedroom, a small kitchenette, walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom.

In this project we reclad a commercial property, and removed aging pagodas, to enhance the building and give a professional look.

This commercial reclad was a new robust cladding to suite its environment, Double glazed windows, energy saving lighting, insulation, data and internet cabling, heat-pumps and air-conditioning. This project included an interior remodel of the restrooms and the kitchen area which remodelled the office blocks turning it into a modern open plan office lay out.

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