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Auckland Home Complete Renovation

In this project, we added a bathroom and laundry, enlarged the bedroom and living area, converted the existing bathroom into a study room with a cupboard for additional storage space.

On the first floor, we filled the void above the kitchen with a floor while changing the pitch of the roof to allow for a new master bedroom with a separate toilet, shower and vanity.

Finally, we incorporated the existing deck into the existing bedroom to make a new bigger bedroom for the children.

In the process, we also installed a Moisture Master system, new insulation in the ceiling space, replaced damaged cladding and installed new LED lights to help save on the energy bill.

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Auckland Home Additions Project

Our client required us to build a studio on top of his garage for his daughter who was attending university.

We made a beautiful studio consisting of a large living area and a mezzanine floor hosting the bedroom, a small kitchenette, walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom.

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Commercial Recladding Project

In this project we reclad a commercial property, and removed aging pagodas, to enhance the building and give a professional look.

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Commercial Recladding Project

This commercial reclad was a new robust cladding to suite its environment, Double glazed windows, energy saving lighting, insulation, data and internet cabling, heat-pumps and air-conditioning. This project included an interior remodel of the restrooms and the kitchen area which remodelled the office blocks turning it into a modern open plan office lay out.

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Discover Our Real-Time Project Management Tool

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Discover Our Real-Time Project Management Tool

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