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Our Process


Building projects should be an exciting and rewarding experiences. However, we know that it can be stressful and daunting if it is not done right, regardless of whether this is your first building experience.


Although we did not invent the concept of the building process, we are continually researching and improving ourselves and our systems to benefit our clients. Because we keep you informed and in control, you will find the building process exciting and rewarding. You will see that your investment is in safe hands not only during the building process but for years after completion.

This is your roadmap for a dream building process…


Let us guide you on your exciting and rewarding lifestyle changing journey.

  • Initial Call

    Initial Call

    We start with an initial phone call to allow us to learn more about you and your hopes and dreams for the project. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about us and our work. Before proceeding further, it is essential to check that we are both comfortable that we are the right builder for you. Next, we will arrange a site meeting.

  • Site Meeting

    Site Meeting

    We recommend that all decision-makers in the household are present at this meeting. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet us in person, ask questions, and have discussions about the future project. We ask detailed questions so that we clearly understand your goals and the nature of the project. All this information is vital in providing you with customised answers and solutions for your dream project, at our next meeting.

  • On Track Meeting

    Concept & Estimate Meeting

    Based on your feedback, we review your concepts/plans and offer a free estimate of your project. Also, we will provide you with an essential information pack. It includes the legally required documents; and information that; any professional builder should provide during initial discussions. Also, we include additional sample documents, such as contracts, specification sheets, insurances, checklists and more to help you eliminate surprises and understand the journey better.


You are in control with our new industry-leading, advanced virtual modelling system and methods. This unique system will help you visualise the final product. You will have all the relevant information needed to make informed, timely decisions at your fingertips.

  • comprehensive quote

    Comprehensive Quote

    When all your required reports, plans, drawings and specifications are ready, we will prepare a detailed quote that will form the basis of the fixed price agreement. First, we generate a detailed virtual model for your project. To avoid surprises, delays and cost will:

    1. Identify design issues
    2. Clarify any unknowns
    3. Itemise all the labour and materials for your project in detail
    We know that you would like everything to be clear and transparent. Therefore, our quotes are broken down and described in detail. Depending on the scope of your project, your quote will usually contain at least exceed 15 pages, and you will also receive a link containing the virtual model that you can view online at any time.

  • construction schedule

    Construction Schedule

    We understand how important it is to know what is happening and when. Thus, we will provide you with a detailed construction schedule with our quote that can be monitored on our dedicated secure online portal.

  • limited online client portal

    Limited Online Client Portal

    Once you have accepted our fixed price quote, we will provide you may access our easy to use, secure, online client portal. The portal is worldwide accessible 24/7 with any smartphone, tablet / iPad, laptop or desktop computer. The portal contains features such as selections, variations, financial decisions, payments made and balances due, schedule, photo's, files, documents, messages and comments. While we prepare the proposal, we will provide you with preliminary online access to your project so that you can experience tool's usefulness before, during and after the building phase.

  • proposal presentation

    Proposal Presentation

    Our proposal is presented in person, to all the decision makers. This allows us to have a detailed discussion with you about the scope of work, the finances, expected timeframes. We will answer your questions swiftly. Choosing the right builder is essential for a successful project so we will provide you with all the information we have to support and help you on this significant journey.


All the preparation work is done. It is time for you to sit back and watch as skilled, professional builders turn your dream into reality.

  • agreement


    Once you have accepted our proposal, we will enter into a "Fixed Price Building Contract" with you. At this point, we will apply for your 10 Year Halo Residential Guarantee which includes a 12 months defect free liability period. This will come into effect at the end of your project.

  • Full Online Client Portal

    Through our secure online portal, you will stay in control of your journey. Track the progress with daily progress and schedule updates, job logs, photos and documents. You can keep an eye on the financial decisions, payments and variations. By using the "Messages" and "Comments" options, you can effectively communicate with us and keep a digital record.

  • Site Establishment

    Although your house is going to turn into a building site, we will always respect it as your home and consider your neighbours. We endeavour to keep you as comfortable as possible during the construction phase. On the agreed starting date, we will meet with you onsite to introduce our friendly team and to discuss any further practical household arrangements. The site will also be prepared to start the actual building process.

  • Time To Deliver

    You can now sit back and relax. All bases are covered, the initial preparation work and planning is done, and the site is prepared. It is time for our friendly professional team to manage the project while hard work is being done to make your dreams a reality. Although the online portal will keep you fully informed and updated, our site discussions and meetings will keep you fully involved in the project.


The building work is completed, and it is time for you to enjoy your new lifestyle with all the comforts and luxuries that you have dreamed of.

  • practical completion

    Practical Completion

    Rest assured, everything will be completed and up to standard before we leave. Together with you, we will inspect the final product and identify any details that need attention. All items found will be listed and addressed before we book the final inspection with the Auckland Council, which will be regarded as the date of Practical Completion.

  • Official Handover

    Together with the final inspection, you will receive our comprehensive "Handover Kit". This includes all the essential information, documentation and guarantees of your project, that you might need in the future.

  • keep in touch

    Keep In Touch

    Because we are committed to you enjoying your new lifestyle hassle free, you will have the benefit of a 12-month Defect Free Period after Practical Completion. During this period, you can contact us through the online portal, or directly, to inform us of any issues that need our attention. We will also inspect our work on a three-monthly basis during the 12 months to ensure the quality of our work and your peace of mind.

Although the Halo Guarantee officially protects your investment for 10 years after completion, we are happy to respond to any issues. Because we build it, we are committed to maintaining our product.

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