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About Us

About NEDS Projects LTD

NEDS Projects Ltd is a small professional building company. We specialise in positive lifestyle changes and improvements through renovations, extensions and remodelling of family homes. We strive to complete our work to the highest standard and quality while we provide our clients with unmatchable client experience and service.

At NEDS Projects Ltd, we understand the importance of a warm and safe family home. Therefore, we pride ourselves on our renovations. They reflect our clients’ tastes, styles and needs. We integrate the latest modern technology so that our clients enjoy the comfort of, and investment, in their renovated homes.

Neil Myburgh founded NEDS Projects Ltd in 2005. Along with a highly experienced and qualified team of builders, he has successfully managed and completed many custom luxury renovations of the highest quality.  As a proud platinum member of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association, Neil is a trained and qualified carpenter. He is an experienced licensed builder, site manager and project manager. 

The NEDS Projects Point of Difference

We know how exciting it is to renovate or add to your house. And we know how important it is to get the details right. With us, you have transparency, real-time project management and expertise.

Unlike big generic building companies, we are there for you. We aim to accommodate your needs and schedules. You’re in control and we provide the personalised skills, materials and experience to co-create your dream home. 

And with real-time monitoring, you remain in the drivers seat, from start to finish.

Monitor your budget

Make payments and spot payments that are due

Manage variations or change orders

See all communications and decisions

View photos of the work onsite

Set real-time online alerts

Monitor selections you need to make

Monitor work planned for the week

What are you waiting for?

Let’s start discussing your ideas for your new project