10 Great Reasons to Talk to us First


10 Great Reasons To Talk To Us First

It’s your home and your call but here’s our top 10 reasons to talk to us first. Our initial consultation is free and no obligation (value $240 +GST). We do that because we want to know (as much as you do) that we’re a good match. Here’s why we think we’re good for you.

1. Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs)

You need a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBPs) because new homes require a building consent. That’s the legal part.

The important part is that not only are we LBPs; we’re also small enough to ensure that every part of your new build is fully supervised by a qualified and experienced builder. That’s the kind of 1:1 care and attention you want for your new home.

2. Guaranteed Workmanship

We provide “In Build” 10-year residential guarantee insurance, exclusive to members of the NZ Certified Builders (NZCB).

This insurance is provided by an independent third party, backed by Lloyd’s of London. That means complete peace of mind for you from the start of your build through to a full 10 years after we complete your dream home.

3. Fully Compliant

Following proper code of conduct and building best practice gives you complete assurance about the quality of our products, tradespeople and services.

We give our customers an unbeatable, personal, building experience. Our team becomes your team and together we work as one.

4. Professional Services

We specialise in homes for Kiwis including new builds, renovations, re-cladding and leaky-homes.

That means we’re proactive in future-proofing your build. We’ve seen the mistakes of previous eras (and put them right). We understand how to construct a home that will stand the test of time, using fail-safe materials and design.

5. Specialist Sub-Contractors

We can set you up with our own dream team – specialist subcontractors such as architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, tilers, drain layers, roofers, stoppers and painters.

These experts are individually the best in their field; tested, proven and ready to provide licences, documentation of their work and the detailed guarantees.

6. Transparent Contracts

Before you sign a contract with us, we supply you with a copy of the “Prescribed Checklist” and the “Prescribed Disclosure Information” as required by law.

We also provide a sample of our easy to understand, transparent contract including details of our 10-year residential guarantee insurance scheme – so you have everything you need to make a fully informed decision.

7. Real-Time Monitoring

Our online project management system lets you follow every part of your build in real time; communication, approvals, budget options and up to date photographs.

You can track each milestone and get automatic reminders of what’s coming up next. So that way, you’re always in control. See real-time monitoring in action here.

8. Unique Quality Control

We provide you with our unique quality control checklists across every stage of your project. Detailed checklists for all work, installation of specified items or products and our subcontractors’ handover checklists which includes their warrantees and guarantees.

That’s detailed quality control at your fingertips, all the time.

9. Personalised Build

Working with your architect or ours we ensure your build is as you want it at every step of the way. We provide full access to our online project management tool so any variations can be tracked, noted and approved along the way.

You want your dream home. We give you the tools to achieve it.

10. Happy Customers Auckland-Wide

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say. Like this quote from Leanne Wilson in Auckland:

“Attention to detail was consistent, thorough, and precise with all work completed to a very high standard in a timely fashion” ~ Leanne Wilson, Auckland


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Discover Our Real-Time Project Management Tool

Discover Our Real-Time Project Management Tool

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Discover Our Real-Time Project Management Tool

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